Audra :) (dsillusndbtrfly) wrote in audgepaudge,
Audra :)

my comment to someone else on why i am against the war AND people telling others to stop protesting

the thing you are forgetting is that this war will not lead to just a few casualties. also, saddam hussein was doing nothing anti-american (most of the 9/11 terrorists came from saudi arabia) other than speaking out against us... if he did have major weapons (that no one has been able to find) he has not used them... however in war he will use them.

two, now many more countries have become openly anti-american. it is not because they dont want to get rid of hussein, but we have openly flaunted their recommendations and made sure that everyone knows that as america we dont have to be diplomatic... because we definitely haven't been diplomatic. colin powell going to speak to the UN a few times??? this administration has gone outside to US on diplomatic missions less than any other administration in 40 years.

three, people are anti-american now also... there will be more terrorist attempts because for the same reason as the above countries hate us, the people can now openly hate us too... and we have already seen here in our country, along with in Israel, that they do not care about killing themselves as long as they also kill others.

four, the united states pretty much killed the UN. it didnt have that much power but what it did have is gone.

and finally, if someone says that everyone else just needs to stop protesting---that means that you are saying they need to just stop showing their opinion. and any country where people are told their opinion is wrong and to not express it (as was done to the dixie chicks) is not american, not democratic... it is ridding us of the freedoms we say we cherish so much.

the end.
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