Lord Odious (lordodious) wrote in audgepaudge,
Lord Odious

Dream Dream Dream....

Why do we dream? What is the point of it? Ive heard some say that if people didnt dream, they would go insane. I dont see how that would work. I just have a feeling that we dream because we either are bothered by something in life or just arent satisfied with part of our lives. Im not positive, but when I dream I am usually unhappy and am thinking how to stop the feelings. I dream then and the dreams are usually filled with the same sort of feelings, but a bit more powerful. Sometimes I will have a dream that just scares me when the dream is hardly a nightmare. And sometimes I will have a dream where Im not scared at all at first, but then as I lose control of the dream and it becomes more abstract, I start to get nervous. Most of the dreams that bother me are abstract and even I cant get complete meaning of it. Maybe we dream because something needs to be done. Im not sure at all. Ive got a few things on my mind lately, but I dont see how they are really related to my dreams. Ive been worried about my popularity with each and every friend of mine. Kinda worried about being abandoned. Then another part of me wants to beat them to the punch. Im also worried about my future a bit. Wooo, not done. Ive been confused to why people lose interest in talk with me and what I do to cause that. Ive also been talking with a friend in China and learning about what she sees each day. All the starving, poor, and struggling. I really want to do something about it, but there are so many people, that I cant and maybe no one can. I really do want to try. I think at this moment, I want to be a English teacher in China. At the same time I could dedicate myself to helping the needy there. It really is important to me for some reason. Ive got some sort of obsession with China. I havent a clue why. But it will keep bothering me until I know something is done about it, or at least attempted.
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I'm torn on my interpretation of dreams. I halfway believe that dreams are just abstract interpretations about things we can't bring into our consciousness. The other half is that dreams are just an insight into a different world, a "parallel universe" if you will, and that's when we get to check in there. And when our other person dreams, they see whatever we are doing here.
Of course, then there are the wacky prediction dreams I get, which are supremely strange, because they truly do map out for me something that is about to happen, whether it directly involves me or not.
I have heard scientific reasoning to 'dreams' and I've also read about special significances to these 'dreams' but I on the other hand believe in none of it. To me these 'dreams' never take place until the instant you awake. I think that everything in your life flashes on you at that one moment when you reach conciousness and in truth you perceive it all as having happened while you were sleeping. Of course I also believe that reality is a special perseption as well and that everything we see is not really there. Unfortunately I can tell more of what I don't believe then what I do. well, I leave it at that with the taste of a lunatic.


January 19 2003, 13:00:19 UTC 15 years ago

ON the other note. Dreams are just god's way of letting us see what we want and taking it from us at the end to wake up to something terrible. It is just a game of imagination and discoloration. IT is a trap.