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A good question...

Yes, what has happened to this page? To Audra as well.... Its so odd. I havent seen a bit from anyone at all. Ive been busy, but its not that good of an excuse. I was so excited when getting on this page to post, but maybe we quickly got watered down and wasted. I saw some crap and some or ONE case of plagiary, yes and not one person could confuse this if they read the copy posted. But there was also some smart and good sources here. Pieces full of though and feeling, so why would it stop? Im thinking because a conglomerate of any type is only as strong as its weakest member and its content. If a known criminal was openly allowed to join the police force, it probably wouldnt go over too well. There should be some sort of reguirement to join a page like this one. Otherwise the purpose of the page should be changed. If this was meant as a messageboard, then it should be made clear. I believe this was supposed to be a place where people could give their opinions and comment openly on them. It turned out to be LMFAO. Which may have reason, but wasnt explained at all up front. I wish this page would come back and be a bit more scrict on who is allowed to post or maybe it could be changed to something else. Sometimes things have to be more closed off.
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