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audgepaudge's Journal

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Welcome to 'AudgePaudge,' a mixture of anything and everything that you can think of, all different e-zines, combined into one.

Basically, this community is currently under construction, but let me tell you what it's about...

The idea is for people, under the editor's discretion, to post articles about things that matter to them, that make them think, that interest them. These can be anything from editorials to CD & movie reviews... You name it, write it, make it interesting, and it will be posted...

That's the key. Make it interesting. Get people discussing it. Not only do we want fun and informative articles on here... but we want to start lively discussions through comments and follow-up articles and such. Involve your audience, that's the key.

If you have an idea for an article, feel free to email it to me (netjunkie03@msn.com) or leave it as a comment on my journal, dsillusndbtrfly... You don't have to be an lj user to leave me an article you have written or leave me an idea for an article. I'd like to get everyone involved, lj user or not. HOWEVER, if you are EXTREMELY interested and would like to become a regular writer for the 'AudgePaudge' staff, you must let me know, because you must be added to the posters list.

As I said, this is all currently under construction, but it looks to be a lot of fun, even if it means lots of work for me :P So bring on your ideas!


We want writing on: current events, things that make you think, your current interests, your poetry or stories, your cartoons... And pretty much anything you can think of! Anything that will catch someone's eye or interest!