Lord Odious (lordodious) wrote in audgepaudge,
Lord Odious

What I dont get....

What the hell is with drunk people? Everytime I decide to go out at night I get molested by one! We went down to Perkins for a late meal and while sitting there this guy and his nice looking date walk in. The waiter asks what they want to drink and he asked for a malt beverage. I didnt notice any of this until he started getting up and looking at people weird. Making direct contact with us. Telling us we were the shit, and his girlfriend was apologizing for him. On the way out he gave us five and suggested the muffin cos it was sweet and delicious. I dont like it at all. Before that Luke and I were in Iowa City in the middle of the afternoon when one ran into me and then ran off, came back, ran into me again, ran off, came from behind us and threw his arm around me and asked how things were going and if we wanted to join him for a drink. I asked if he was drunk enough, and he let me know he wasnt drunk and he was headed to the next bar. And then he threatened to punch out a perfect strangers rear window. Fun stuff. Before that, Luke and I were at a Dennys, which was a loonnnng time ago when they still existed here. Were were sitting and about to join our meal, when these two drunk 20 something year olds who were drunk beyond believe came and sat next to me half on my lap. They wanted to have some of my salad and continued to enjoy the chicken and tomatoes on it. They didnt even look at Luke, which pissed me off. Hes sitting over there with the most obvious finger food, the french fry, and they didnt even give his plate a look. Why me? Is it because I hate drunks? Because Im supposed to snap someday? Who knows? Who cares? Stay away from me.
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