Lord Odious (lordodious) wrote in audgepaudge,
Lord Odious

Happy goddamn christmas

What is with Christmas? Does the rush start earlier each year or what? I dont like having to listen to Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving, but what I really hate above all, are people who shop even earlier for the junk. Okay, let me explain. Ive worked just about any job you can imagine. I havent been a fluffer or a VJ yet, but lets pray that never happens. At the moment, I am employeed at the local Super Target in the overnight stock team. The biggest problem I find is the backstock for the seasonal products. There is absolutely no room for the crap. We should just wait till the day after Christmas to pull all this stuff in cos if they havent bought it by now, they probably wont. I dont mind this time of year for toys and small appliances because so much product moves that there is plenty of space and it isnt really going overboard. But, why is the radio already playing so much Christmas music? Is it that important already? If people are singing carols next week, Ill punch them on site. Dont get me wrong, I like certain things about Christmas. They just have nothing to do with sales and impressing people. And I hate to say it, but I dont think Christmas is about Jesus and his crummy birthday anymore. That man is the holder of the most depressing story ever to be written. I think Christmas should be more based on loving and good will than celebrating a persons birthday at Church. Too bad it has that named attached to it. I would prefer wishing people Merry or Happy Holidays. Its all about the giving and happiness now. For once, dont ask for a gift. Just give and see what you get back. I dont ask for a thing and I dont usually get much either, but who needs it? If I wanted it, I would buy it myself. Hmmm, Id like to give this page to those who need a gift. Maybe I should say something very controversial go get the eyes set and the blood boiling? Any suggestions?
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