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What happened? Nobody writes here anymore? Well, maybe this will help get everything going again...

This subject seems so much more morbid than it really is. Basically, I think that death is not the terrible thing that it seems to be viewed as. When I say that, I mean the way we all seem so afraid to die, why we think death is such a bad thing. Think of it this way. Why do we spend so much money researching medicine, surgical procedures, et cetera? Why, to cure disease, of course. But...why do we want to cure disease so badly? Well, because we want to live longer.
The only answer for that seems to be a "My-god-you're-a-lunatic" stare. Now, I know, I'm being a bit illogical. I mean, we all want to live, since being alive is the only guaranteed way to know that we'll continue existing. Nothing wrong with that. I think it's bad, however, to treat death like a horrible, disgusting thing. It's one of the two most natural things possible, the other being birth. Every living thing is born, and every living thing dies. If every single living organism since the dawn of time has done it, how bad can it be?
This is all just semi-metaphysical spewing, nothing with a real point to it. But it brings up the other half of what I'm trying to say here. We seem to want to be able to control death...make it so no disease, no injury could be capable of taking a person's life against their will. An extremist view of the situation, surely, but not at all untrue. Here's my could that possibly be a good thing?
For a better view on why that'd be absolutely terrible, read the short story '2BR02B' by Kurt Vonnegut. He talks about a world exactly like what I described-due to advanced medical research, people are now essentialy immortal. The downside is that because of that, the world's population has exploded beyond control, and population control has been implemented. Now for anyone to legally have a baby, another person has to volunteer to die to make room in the world. Scary stuff.
Death is really only frightening because we don't understand it. We don't know what happens when our hearts stop beating, when our brains stop signalling. And since it's impossible to tell, we try to avoid it. I'm not saying that we should go out and kill ourselves just to prove we're not scared, or that we should just let sick people die. I just think that totally escaping death would be actually be, truly, a fate worse than death.

That was rambly and not entirely clear, I know. But it's late and I'm tired. What do you think?
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