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Here's a nice volatile issue...religion. There are few things that are argued so fervently, and about which there are so many completely different viewpoints. This is just one of those viewpoints.
I myself don't believe in God. In any form. I don't think there's an invisible man sitting waist-deep in the clouds watching us, and I don't think there's a bunch of omnipotent inbreds on Mount Olympus heaving thunderbolts. I actually find both views equally unlikely.
I actually don't have any religion. That's a little bit different than being an atheist. The way I see it, atheism is the religion that there is no God. Atheists don't believe in God, I don't believe in religion.
To be fair, I'm not hugely educated about atheism. I could be wrong in my representation of their viewpoints, but what I say is based on what I observe of the atheists I know.
Why do we treat religious discussions so delicately? I felt I had to add that I might be wrong about what I said about atheism just in case any atheists read this. Why do we have such fear of putting something the wrong way, saying something contrary to another's religion? If I don't agree with the thoughts of a political party, I say so, and if people don't agree then they don't agree. I don't worry that I've offended them because I don't share their views. But if I don't agree with what a particular religion preaches, I have to make sure I choose my words carefully. Otherwise I might offend a member of that religious group.
So what? I don't care if my liberal views piss off conservatives. Why should I worry that my views on religion will offend those who don't share them?
Why do we fence around religion like that? Why must we be so very careful about what we say about religion if we don't want people pissed at us?
I'm not purpoting to know the answer. I'm really just trying to get you to think about it. Think away, and do share your thoughts, won't you?
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