Lord Odious (lordodious) wrote in audgepaudge,
Lord Odious

memories are the past, but never pass.

Im quite the thinker. Ive now been living in the same area for 8 years and Ive experienced so many things. Ive been the new guy, the loser, the quiet kid, the trouble maker, the person to blame, the bad student, the person to pick on, but then I was the kid kicked out of home, the guy who was fed up with backstabbing, the popular, the need to fit in, and the rest of the BS that is almost normal now. So that turned me into the brutally honest, open, funny, smart mouthed, pissy, caring, thoughtful, and emotional person I am today. I was a good student after that change and was involced with several programs in school as well. I also go with my first reaction because I believe it to be the correct one. I dont lie either. Yeah, I know you think Im lying, well Im not. I have been caught too many times in the past in stupid lies that Ive learned my lesson. If I dont come out with the truth it is because Im telling a joke or playing a prank on a person. Its too hard for people to be honest with each other for some reason. I think maybe because they cant deal with confrontation. I know with my luck, I am going to deal with it, like it or not. Anyway besides all of the memories of each and everything that lead up to the new me and past that, most of them are of friends and good times Ive had. Ive had so many different friends and good times that they are constantly flying back into my mind. Also come the times where Ive recalled making a horses ass out of myself. Life isnt about picking a choosing as much as it is about just letting it happen. You will have horrible moments along with the good, so just live your life and never give up with the bad is overwhelming. Ive got debt, Ive not as far as Id like to be in life and I feel lonely at times, but Ive also got some awesome things on my shoulder. I have a few close friends who have been my friends since the beginning. Im mostly happy and get along with most people. Ive been to China with a lovely woman and spent three amazing weeks there. I have friends all over the country and the world as well. I expect to keep them as they each hold a special part inside me. Life is built of a shitload of memories, but you cant have memories without a future. I could go on, but Ill stop. Sorry, this was me time. Enjoy.
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