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democracy [04 Feb 2004|09:29pm]


Heard of the Libery Bill? If you want information ask me and I'll be happy to explain. If you already have information, or once you get it, however, think about this: (eMail from an old teacher and the man who came up with the idea of the Liberty Bill)

 In President's Bush State of the Union address, he stated: 

"I will send you a proposal to double the budget of the National Endowment for Democracy..."

The current yearly cost is $40 million.  Double it:  $80 million.  Every year!!!

The Liberty Bill Act before Congress (S.244 H.R.1785) will accomplish the same results as the National Endowment for Democracy for a one-time cost of half a million dollars.

Call your leaders and tell them about saving money by passing the Liberty Bill Act, Senate Bill 244 and House Bill 1785. 

White House Chief of Staff, Andrew Card, 1 202 456 6798

Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, 1 202 225 0600

Senate Majority Leader, Bill Frist, 1 202 224 3135

The Liberty Bill Act will place an abridged version of the Constitution on the back of one-dollar bills.  With 2/3 of the 7 billion dollar bills circulating outside of the United States, the Liberty Bill Act will promote democracy and patriotism, increase military advantages, advance human rights, and save hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes.

For more information:  www.libertydollarbill.org

Don't be intimidated when you call.  The people you are speaking with work for you! 

And, please, ask some friends to call too, and then spread the word across America! 

Thank you.
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my comment to someone else on why i am against the war AND people telling others to stop protesting [19 Mar 2003|06:55pm]

the thing you are forgetting is that this war will not lead to just a few casualties. also, saddam hussein was doing nothing anti-american (most of the 9/11 terrorists came from saudi arabia) other than speaking out against us... if he did have major weapons (that no one has been able to find) he has not used them... however in war he will use them.

two, now many more countries have become openly anti-american. it is not because they dont want to get rid of hussein, but we have openly flaunted their recommendations and made sure that everyone knows that as america we dont have to be diplomatic... because we definitely haven't been diplomatic. colin powell going to speak to the UN a few times??? this administration has gone outside to US on diplomatic missions less than any other administration in 40 years.

three, people are anti-american now also... there will be more terrorist attempts because for the same reason as the above countries hate us, the people can now openly hate us too... and we have already seen here in our country, along with in Israel, that they do not care about killing themselves as long as they also kill others.

four, the united states pretty much killed the UN. it didnt have that much power but what it did have is gone.

and finally, if someone says that everyone else just needs to stop protesting---that means that you are saying they need to just stop showing their opinion. and any country where people are told their opinion is wrong and to not express it (as was done to the dixie chicks) is not american, not democratic... it is ridding us of the freedoms we say we cherish so much.

the end.
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What's your say on... [11 Feb 2003|10:54pm]

[ mood | curious ]

the War in Iraq?

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Dream Dream Dream.... [07 Dec 2002|01:33pm]

Why do we dream? What is the point of it? Ive heard some say that if people didnt dream, they would go insane. I dont see how that would work. I just have a feeling that we dream because we either are bothered by something in life or just arent satisfied with part of our lives. Im not positive, but when I dream I am usually unhappy and am thinking how to stop the feelings. I dream then and the dreams are usually filled with the same sort of feelings, but a bit more powerful. Sometimes I will have a dream that just scares me when the dream is hardly a nightmare. And sometimes I will have a dream where Im not scared at all at first, but then as I lose control of the dream and it becomes more abstract, I start to get nervous. Most of the dreams that bother me are abstract and even I cant get complete meaning of it. Maybe we dream because something needs to be done. Im not sure at all. Ive got a few things on my mind lately, but I dont see how they are really related to my dreams. Ive been worried about my popularity with each and every friend of mine. Kinda worried about being abandoned. Then another part of me wants to beat them to the punch. Im also worried about my future a bit. Wooo, not done. Ive been confused to why people lose interest in talk with me and what I do to cause that. Ive also been talking with a friend in China and learning about what she sees each day. All the starving, poor, and struggling. I really want to do something about it, but there are so many people, that I cant and maybe no one can. I really do want to try. I think at this moment, I want to be a English teacher in China. At the same time I could dedicate myself to helping the needy there. It really is important to me for some reason. Ive got some sort of obsession with China. I havent a clue why. But it will keep bothering me until I know something is done about it, or at least attempted.
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What I dont get.... [05 Dec 2002|02:19am]

What the hell is with drunk people? Everytime I decide to go out at night I get molested by one! We went down to Perkins for a late meal and while sitting there this guy and his nice looking date walk in. The waiter asks what they want to drink and he asked for a malt beverage. I didnt notice any of this until he started getting up and looking at people weird. Making direct contact with us. Telling us we were the shit, and his girlfriend was apologizing for him. On the way out he gave us five and suggested the muffin cos it was sweet and delicious. I dont like it at all. Before that Luke and I were in Iowa City in the middle of the afternoon when one ran into me and then ran off, came back, ran into me again, ran off, came from behind us and threw his arm around me and asked how things were going and if we wanted to join him for a drink. I asked if he was drunk enough, and he let me know he wasnt drunk and he was headed to the next bar. And then he threatened to punch out a perfect strangers rear window. Fun stuff. Before that, Luke and I were at a Dennys, which was a loonnnng time ago when they still existed here. Were were sitting and about to join our meal, when these two drunk 20 something year olds who were drunk beyond believe came and sat next to me half on my lap. They wanted to have some of my salad and continued to enjoy the chicken and tomatoes on it. They didnt even look at Luke, which pissed me off. Hes sitting over there with the most obvious finger food, the french fry, and they didnt even give his plate a look. Why me? Is it because I hate drunks? Because Im supposed to snap someday? Who knows? Who cares? Stay away from me.
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Happy goddamn christmas [03 Dec 2002|12:19am]

What is with Christmas? Does the rush start earlier each year or what? I dont like having to listen to Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving, but what I really hate above all, are people who shop even earlier for the junk. Okay, let me explain. Ive worked just about any job you can imagine. I havent been a fluffer or a VJ yet, but lets pray that never happens. At the moment, I am employeed at the local Super Target in the overnight stock team. The biggest problem I find is the backstock for the seasonal products. There is absolutely no room for the crap. We should just wait till the day after Christmas to pull all this stuff in cos if they havent bought it by now, they probably wont. I dont mind this time of year for toys and small appliances because so much product moves that there is plenty of space and it isnt really going overboard. But, why is the radio already playing so much Christmas music? Is it that important already? If people are singing carols next week, Ill punch them on site. Dont get me wrong, I like certain things about Christmas. They just have nothing to do with sales and impressing people. And I hate to say it, but I dont think Christmas is about Jesus and his crummy birthday anymore. That man is the holder of the most depressing story ever to be written. I think Christmas should be more based on loving and good will than celebrating a persons birthday at Church. Too bad it has that named attached to it. I would prefer wishing people Merry or Happy Holidays. Its all about the giving and happiness now. For once, dont ask for a gift. Just give and see what you get back. I dont ask for a thing and I dont usually get much either, but who needs it? If I wanted it, I would buy it myself. Hmmm, Id like to give this page to those who need a gift. Maybe I should say something very controversial go get the eyes set and the blood boiling? Any suggestions?
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Alright Guys [01 Dec 2002|07:48pm]

[ mood | sorrowful ]

I would like to know what happened to our wonderful AudgePaudge. It really didn't require ME to keep it going for some of you---most of you have access already to it. So what happened? I'm quite disappointed, really, I am. Let's see if we can come back full force and bring in twice as many members with twice as good articles and comments--that would more than make up for it.

Editor In Chief

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Ringtones....help! [27 Nov 2002|09:36pm]


Does anybody know how to program a new ringtone into a Nokia 5185i model? The Nokia website tells me I have room for one new ring but then doesn't tell me how to get it...so if anyone knows, that would be supremely awesome!
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A good question... [20 Nov 2002|06:32am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Yes, what has happened to this page? To Audra as well.... Its so odd. I havent seen a bit from anyone at all. Ive been busy, but its not that good of an excuse. I was so excited when getting on this page to post, but maybe we quickly got watered down and wasted. I saw some crap and some or ONE case of plagiary, yes and not one person could confuse this if they read the copy posted. But there was also some smart and good sources here. Pieces full of though and feeling, so why would it stop? Im thinking because a conglomerate of any type is only as strong as its weakest member and its content. If a known criminal was openly allowed to join the police force, it probably wouldnt go over too well. There should be some sort of reguirement to join a page like this one. Otherwise the purpose of the page should be changed. If this was meant as a messageboard, then it should be made clear. I believe this was supposed to be a place where people could give their opinions and comment openly on them. It turned out to be LMFAO. Which may have reason, but wasnt explained at all up front. I wish this page would come back and be a bit more scrict on who is allowed to post or maybe it could be changed to something else. Sometimes things have to be more closed off.

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[13 Oct 2002|01:29am]

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[12 Oct 2002|12:11am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

What happened? Nobody writes here anymore? Well, maybe this will help get everything going again...

This subject seems so much more morbid than it really is. Basically, I think that death is not the terrible thing that it seems to be viewed as. When I say that, I mean the way we all seem so afraid to die, why we think death is such a bad thing. Think of it this way. Why do we spend so much money researching medicine, surgical procedures, et cetera? Why, to cure disease, of course. But...why do we want to cure disease so badly? Well, because we want to live longer.
The only answer for that seems to be a "My-god-you're-a-lunatic" stare. Now, I know, I'm being a bit illogical. I mean, we all want to live, since being alive is the only guaranteed way to know that we'll continue existing. Nothing wrong with that. I think it's bad, however, to treat death like a horrible, disgusting thing. It's one of the two most natural things possible, the other being birth. Every living thing is born, and every living thing dies. If every single living organism since the dawn of time has done it, how bad can it be?
This is all just semi-metaphysical spewing, nothing with a real point to it. But it brings up the other half of what I'm trying to say here. We seem to want to be able to control death...make it so no disease, no injury could be capable of taking a person's life against their will. An extremist view of the situation, surely, but not at all untrue. Here's my question...how could that possibly be a good thing?
For a better view on why that'd be absolutely terrible, read the short story '2BR02B' by Kurt Vonnegut. He talks about a world exactly like what I described-due to advanced medical research, people are now essentialy immortal. The downside is that because of that, the world's population has exploded beyond control, and population control has been implemented. Now for anyone to legally have a baby, another person has to volunteer to die to make room in the world. Scary stuff.
Death is really only frightening because we don't understand it. We don't know what happens when our hearts stop beating, when our brains stop signalling. And since it's impossible to tell, we try to avoid it. I'm not saying that we should go out and kill ourselves just to prove we're not scared, or that we should just let sick people die. I just think that totally escaping death would be actually be, truly, a fate worse than death.

That was rambly and not entirely clear, I know. But it's late and I'm tired. What do you think?

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Methamphetamines [26 Sep 2002|03:09am]

[ mood | determined ]

A synthetic drug, methamphetamine has a high potential for abuse and dependence. It is illegally produced and sold in pill form, capsules, powder and chunks. Methamphetamine was developed early in this century from its parent drug amphetamine and was originally used in nasal decongestants, bronchial inhalers, and in the treatment of narcolepsy and obesity. In the 1970s methamphetamine became a Schedule II drug - a drug with little medical use and a high potential for abuse.

Methamphetamine is both domestically produced and imported into the U.S. in already processed form. Once dominated by motorcycle gangs and other local producers in remote areas of California and the Pacific Northwest, the market now includes both local producers and Mexican sources providing finished product to stateside distributors.

Use is widely prevalent in both urban and rural areas and equally divided among males and females. Women are more likely to use methamphetamine than cocaine. Some areas are seeing an increase in the number of Hispanic and Native American meth users, though whites are still the most dominant users of the drug.

On a recent survey done on this site (March 25 - April 17, 2000), of the 544 respondents:

Under 18 years old 24%
18-23 years old 35%
23-30 years old 19%
30-40 years old 13%
Over 40 years old 6%

The drug alters mood in different ways, depending on how it is taken. Immediately after smoking or intravenous injection, the user experiences an intense "rush" or "flash" that lasts only a few minutes and is described as extremely pleasurable. Smoking or injecting produces effects fastest, within five to ten seconds. Snorting or ingesting orally produces euphoria - a high but not an intense rush. Snorting produces effects within three to five minutes, and ingesting orally produces effects within 15 to 20 minutes.

Methamphetamine short-circuits a person's survival system by artificially stimulating the reward center, or pleasure areas in the brain. This leads to increased confidence in meth and less confidence in the normal rewards of life. This happens on a physical level at first, then it affects the user psychologically. The result is decreased interest in other aspects of life while reliance and interest in meth increases. In one study, laboratory animals pressed levers to release methamphetamine into their blood stream rather than eat, mate, or satisfy other natural drives. The animals died of starvation while giving themselves methamphetamine even though food was available.

Meth trafficking and production are different than other drugs because they are dangerous from start to finish. The reckless practices of the untrained people who manufacture it in clandestine labs result in explosions and fires that injure or kill not only the people and families involved, but also law enforcement or fireman who respond. Any number of solvents, precursors and hazardous agents are found in unmarked containers at these sites. These potent chemicals can enter the central nervous system and cause neural damage, effect the liver and kidneys, and burn or irritate the skin, eyes and nose. Environmental damage is another consequence of these reckless actions, and violence is often a part of the process as well.

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is there another way out? [25 Sep 2002|09:45pm]


well, suicide. what an incredibly touchy subject, so improper to be discussed in polite company.

but well, we aren't exactly polite on a forum who's point i getting people's opinion on issues, and if there ever were an issue, this is one.

i believe there are two sides to suicide. there is the emotional desire, and there is the verbal desire. when you are locked in your room by yourself, holding the knife, you're experiencing the emotional desire...things around you have become so tough, and so unbearable that you well...can't bear it. you would rather end your life than have to face another day as yourself. maybe you hate who you've become, maybe you feel like you're completely misunderstood, or maybe you feel like nobody likes you and they'd be better off without you. this post is not to dissuade anyone from feeling like that, or to try and convince people that they are worthwhile...i've been there. nothing anyone else says will do you any good.

point? there is something inside of you that truly does not want to live anymore, and it's little affected by anyone else. it's your own feelings, your own thoughts, your own emotions.

then, there's the verbal desire. what's this? feining, loudly proclaiming that you might as well go kill yourself, moping and moaning about how your life sucks and that you have nothing left to live for. what? why tell someone? in letting someone know how you feel, aren't you just begging to be reassured? are you so arrogant that you think people will stop whatever they are doing just because your poor little ego got stubbed? it's a lot easier to go up to someone and tell them straight up that you're feeling unhappy, than to hint that you want to die. because if you want to die that badly, you'd go ahead and do it. you wouldn't puss out and whine about it, waiting for somebody to nurse your head back to it's original swollen size.

i'm not going to say that i pity people who are silent but active in their want to kill themselves; pity is not what they need, love, understanding, and an open ear would be more helpful. but honestly...whining about wanting to kill yourself is not the way to get attention, or to make people like you...because when you spend so much time talking about it, you aren't acting...you're crying wolf. and eventually the shepards stop running to look.
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this is to make you think... [24 Sep 2002|11:29pm]

The english language is the only one in which the word for 'I' is capitalized.

Note for this and all entries:
Comment whatever you want. Don't be afraid to make anyone mad. To cause thought and emotion is the point of this journal!!! Be nice to each other but don't censor yourself! You can say all your thoughts without being mean! Mean=name-calling and assuming that you are always right. Saying what you think is not being mean. So go for it!
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God? [23 Sep 2002|10:48am]

Here's a nice volatile issue...religion. There are few things that are argued so fervently, and about which there are so many completely different viewpoints. This is just one of those viewpoints.
I myself don't believe in God. In any form. I don't think there's an invisible man sitting waist-deep in the clouds watching us, and I don't think there's a bunch of omnipotent inbreds on Mount Olympus heaving thunderbolts. I actually find both views equally unlikely.
I actually don't have any religion. That's a little bit different than being an atheist. The way I see it, atheism is the religion that there is no God. Atheists don't believe in God, I don't believe in religion.
To be fair, I'm not hugely educated about atheism. I could be wrong in my representation of their viewpoints, but what I say is based on what I observe of the atheists I know.
Why do we treat religious discussions so delicately? I felt I had to add that I might be wrong about what I said about atheism just in case any atheists read this. Why do we have such fear of putting something the wrong way, saying something contrary to another's religion? If I don't agree with the thoughts of a political party, I say so, and if people don't agree then they don't agree. I don't worry that I've offended them because I don't share their views. But if I don't agree with what a particular religion preaches, I have to make sure I choose my words carefully. Otherwise I might offend a member of that religious group.
So what? I don't care if my liberal views piss off conservatives. Why should I worry that my views on religion will offend those who don't share them?
Why do we fence around religion like that? Why must we be so very careful about what we say about religion if we don't want people pissed at us?
I'm not purpoting to know the answer. I'm really just trying to get you to think about it. Think away, and do share your thoughts, won't you?
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Clean water......in the years ahead.....not enough? [22 Sep 2002|12:36am]

[ mood | thirsty ]

Water as we know it will soon be in a severe shortage. What I mean by this is that in the years ahead, a major problem in the world will be the amount of clean water there is for people to use in everyday life. Too Drink, Bathe, Wash Dishes, etc. Can you actually imagine having no water whenever you need it. Of course there are third world nations without hardly any clean water, but imagine you without enough water. What would it be like turning on the facet and having no water coming out....and if there was water coming out.....the water filled with soil contaminets that it actually looks brown. Right now this is happening sometimes in parts of the country. Either due to hot weather or old water pipes breaking, therefore making dirt and other contaminets mix with the clean water. It is a growing epidemic and will continue to grow much more in the years to come. It is thought that by the year 2015 there will not be enough clean water in the world. Possibly, you could see major powers fight over such a thing as water in the future! Who really "owns" water though. The Government? The government sets regulations on water and how it is supposed to be treated. However, lately companies are building there own water "factories" so to speak and selling there services to the U.S. as well as other countries. Some companies from overseas are responsible for multiple United States cities water supply and services. Bottled water has become a major business. In the last 5 years bottled water sales have had a 50% increase. The two major bottled water names are Aquafina(By the Pepsi Corporation) and Dansai(By the Coca Cola Corporation). These two get there water from regular water reserviors and just reverse osmosis the water and add minerals too it. Of course it is a cleaner water, however....before all the changes it goes thru...it is just regular tap water. In the end bottled water is marked up in price A LOT more. I mean thousand of times more. I don't know if it is fair, but you don't think about it, because it is still rather cheap for around a dollar for a 20 oz. bottle or whatever. Other bottled water companies just package there own tap water, and don't even filter it. It is just there tap water in a bottle. Like one day you could just buy a bottle of water and it could be just regular tap water from Kansas. Nothing special about it, just put in a bottle with a label on it. Anyways.......people take advantage of having water always around. You don't think about not ever having water, because it is always like a constant in your life (As least for the people in the US). However, if there is not an effort to help and conserve water, there will be a lot of troubles ahead in the upcoming years. So....I was just rambling....cause I think about stuff like this......thanks...anyways........

P.S. - Do you know that whenever you flush the toilet....it uses a gallon of clean water to do so?

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memories are the past, but never pass. [20 Sep 2002|11:28pm]

Im quite the thinker. Ive now been living in the same area for 8 years and Ive experienced so many things. Ive been the new guy, the loser, the quiet kid, the trouble maker, the person to blame, the bad student, the person to pick on, but then I was the kid kicked out of home, the guy who was fed up with backstabbing, the popular, the need to fit in, and the rest of the BS that is almost normal now. So that turned me into the brutally honest, open, funny, smart mouthed, pissy, caring, thoughtful, and emotional person I am today. I was a good student after that change and was involced with several programs in school as well. I also go with my first reaction because I believe it to be the correct one. I dont lie either. Yeah, I know you think Im lying, well Im not. I have been caught too many times in the past in stupid lies that Ive learned my lesson. If I dont come out with the truth it is because Im telling a joke or playing a prank on a person. Its too hard for people to be honest with each other for some reason. I think maybe because they cant deal with confrontation. I know with my luck, I am going to deal with it, like it or not. Anyway besides all of the memories of each and everything that lead up to the new me and past that, most of them are of friends and good times Ive had. Ive had so many different friends and good times that they are constantly flying back into my mind. Also come the times where Ive recalled making a horses ass out of myself. Life isnt about picking a choosing as much as it is about just letting it happen. You will have horrible moments along with the good, so just live your life and never give up with the bad is overwhelming. Ive got debt, Ive not as far as Id like to be in life and I feel lonely at times, but Ive also got some awesome things on my shoulder. I have a few close friends who have been my friends since the beginning. Im mostly happy and get along with most people. Ive been to China with a lovely woman and spent three amazing weeks there. I have friends all over the country and the world as well. I expect to keep them as they each hold a special part inside me. Life is built of a shitload of memories, but you cant have memories without a future. I could go on, but Ill stop. Sorry, this was me time. Enjoy.
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Written by Julie Handy [21 Sep 2002|12:20am]

Hey! I’m Julie, an atypical teenager. I get along with my parents, don’t have a boyfriend, and care nothing whatsoever about popularity or what people think of me (and thus I don’t care about my clothes or makeup, etc). I just get so sick of how teenagers are portrayed in the media today. I don’t even like the word “teenager”. There’s so much stigma attached to it. It conjures up pictures of makeup and clothes and basically all the materialism that I detest about today’s society. I thought it was about time someone wrote about what life is really like for my friends and I; the atypical teenagers. For instance, right now I’m listening to the music from a musical called Chess. It’s about the tension between the US and the Soviet Union during the Cold War. I try to discuss history and the philosophy behind it with my sister, but she just cuts me off with “Yeah, Julie, whatever.” My sister is an intellectual wasteland. What’s worse, she pretends to be intellectual, then says her future is being a hostess at Hooters. And she’s 15. I’m not kidding.
But among this absence of abstract thought, I have emerged, largely unscathed. I love to think about life’s great mysteries, I like reading people and pondering nature. I like to think I’m a philosopher, and perhaps a decent poet. This is just a bunch of random musings I’ve had over the years, and I thought I’d write them down, for the benefit of all atypical teenagers everywhere.

I wonder when we stop believing in magic. The tooth fairy, santa clause, genies. Everyone remembers before they were disillusioned, and everyone knows what it’s like after, but no one ever remembers the exact moment they stopped believing. Maybe it’s so gradual we don’t notice until after it happens. I think that this is when your childhood is over. After that you start to become a fully formed individual with a full personality. But what if the real magic is in the ability to view everything as a miracle. It sounds cheesy, but I mean it. Life can get pretty bad, but if you just look around you, contemplate how much it takes for one cell to be alive, and you’ll see what a miracle everything is. And the fact that every object in the universe is made up of billions of little organized particles just fills me with a sense of awe. Isn’t it incredible that the whole universe would just happen to end up like this, with all these complex organisms and all this life everywhere around us? One false move and life might never have evolved on earth. It was pure chance. You see what I mean by miracles. Once I learned to look at life like this, it’s become so much more interesting. There is magic everywhere, in the smallest, most insignificant inanimate object is constantly moving, a true tribute to nature. Once you see this, the entire universe seems to buzz with unquenchable life. And maybe that’s what growing up really means; trading the fake magic for the true magic of the universe. Some people never figure this out though, and I can’t help but wonder: are they fully formed individuals? Maybe these are the people who become maladjusted and lonely. Or maybe they figure something else out that serves the same purpose for them. I can’t speak for them, but I know that this works for me now. I am content with the world and have plenty to think about. As long as I can ponder things, I’m happy, and life is never boring!

PS. I know this sounds cheesy, but I truly believe it. And if you don’t like it, I don’t care.

- Julie Handy
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Some terms and things to clear up [19 Sep 2002|10:58pm]

Newsflash: They are pointless. They don't fit. Putting someone into a standard old label does nothing but limit the cool people you could meet and be friends with. In the past two days I have been told that there is no way I could know what Bad Religion's lyrics are about and still like them. I've been called a poser. I've been told I don't know what punk is (more about that later). And all because I don't fit in someone's precious stereotype. In my opinion, we all need to stick to that old phrase---'don't judge a book by it's cover.' Everyone knows the stereotypes. It's time to get rid of them and be friends with someone because you want to be friends with them, not because they fit in your clique. Personally, I am ME. I listen to Bad Religion and Shakira. I wear bondage skirts and shirts from Old Navy or American Eagle. I hang out with preps, dorks, thespians, punks... Everyone. I refuse to limit myself and all that I can be to fit myself in some high school clique. So please stop putting me in one.

Um, guys, I hate to break this to you, but punk is not and never has really been about the clothes you wear or the music you listen to---yes, I mean, MOST (but not all) punks do dress a certain way or listen to certain music---but that's because the way they dress or the music they listen to matches their thoughts and opinions. Because that's what punk is about. It's a set of attitudes---being creative and original and expressive. Being aware of the world around you and not being afraid to criticize or try to make a change. Sometimes this is expressed in music. But not always. So stop thinking you can be punk because you wear clothes from Hot Topic... Stop thinking someone CAN'T be punk because they wear clothes from Hot Topic... Open your mind and then MAYBE you will understand the set of attitudes that are what really makes someone "punk."

What the hell kind of term is this? Nothing is new. Everything's been done before. Everyone mimics someone else in some way or another. It's all imitation and adaptation and being like something you've seen or heard. So what makes one person more poser than another person? This term is definitely outdated and overused.

Apparently, if a band is popular, they are "sellouts." Or if they alter their music at all, they are "sellouts." No one stops to think that perhaps a band wants people to like their music, wants people to buy their albums, and wants to be able to keep on rocking. Maybe a band changes because they're growing and changing as musicians. Maybe their taste has changed. Or maybe they really do just want to get some money. But it's their band, they're the ones rocking out, so let them make the choices they want to make, do what they want to do. And just because a band becomes popular, that doesn't mean that you have to stop listening to them. You obviously were never a true fan if you can stop listening to them just because *gasp* they got caught on MTV or your local "teenybopper" radio station. Who cares how popular they are or if other people listen to them? It's about the music---if you like the music, then none of the other stuff should matter, you should like the band.
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Straightedge [18 Sep 2002|10:46pm]

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My misunderstood lifestyle. For those who don't know, straightedge is a system of ideals that preaches abstinence from drugs, alcohol, smoking, and casual sex. I could drone on about the history of the edge, but what really matters is what it means. Don't drink, don't smoke, don't fuck.

I've been straightedge for three years now. I've lived by its standards all my life, but only learned about the scene a few years ago. Choosing to commit to it is one of the best decisions I've made.

As of late, I've realized just how many misconceptions people seem to have about the edge lifestyle. For one, I have known a number of people who claimed edge until their twentyfirst birthday, when they would immediately go out and celebrate in the traditional way-getting drunk. This, from a straightedge viewpoint, is nonsense. One of the important things about it is that you are not straightedge for a month, or a year, or ten years. You're straightedge for life. If you aren't now, you never were.

That isn't to say that if you used to drink you can't become straightedge. The idea is that once you ARE, however, you don't go back and forth. Commiting to straightedge is a lifelong thing. It's a serious idea.

I have a large 'sXe' emblazoned on my school bag. Every day since school has started, I've had at least one person ask me about it. Most of them want to know why my bag says 'sexy'. But I've heard some far more interesting comments. One person asked if it's true that we can't grow facial hair. Another wanted to know if it sucked, not being able to watch porn. A third actaully asked me if it was a cult.

I want to take this opportunity to clear it all up. Straightedge is about avoiding poisoning your body. How you interpret that is up to you. Many edgers are vegetarian/vegan. Some, myself included, avoid all possible sources of caffeine. Some won't take over the counter medication. But the one thing we agree on is the three big X's: drinking, smoking, fucking. None of that for me, thanks.

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